Carbotech Gas Systems GmbH Profile

Carbotech Gas Systems GmbH is the specialist of industrial gas purification and gas generation of various biogenous and technical gases in the Viessmann Group. We make a real contribution to CO2-neutral energy generation with innovative technologies.

Carbotech was founded by former Bergbau-Forschung GmbH. Thus, the company's extensive knowledge base draws on more than 40 years of experience in the development, engineering and manufacturing of turn-key plants for gas upgrading and gas production.

The company, which is part of the Viessmann Group, offers integrated solutions for energy conversion - from biogas production to energy utilisation.

2013    Introduction Low Pressure Pressure Swing Adsorption (LPSA)
2010    Take-over Schmack Biogas AG and Carbotech by Viessmann Group
2006    First grid injection in Germany
2006    Take-over by Schmack Biogas AG 
2006    CarboTech Engineering GmbH
2005    Take-over by International Chemical Investors GmbH
2003    H2-Generator »HCG«
2001    Take-over by Rütgers VFT AG > RÜTGERS CarboTech Engineering GmbH
1995    Foundation J. V. SMC / China
1994    N2‚-Generator »CompactLine«
1994    N2‚-Generator »CarboBox« 
1993    Foundation J. V. ACM / USA
1989    CarboTech Anlagenbau GmbH
1989    CarboTech, Gesellschaft für Bergbau- und Industrieprodukte GmbH
1989    Patents PSA N2 / H2 / O2 / CO2
1989    Developmeht of Carbon Molecular Sieves CMS-N2 / CMS-H2
1958    Bergbau-Forschung GmbH
1958    Development of activated carbon 
1938    Coal mining association
1927    Experimental mine association Tremonia