Schmack Biogas wins 2016 Biogas Innovation Award for German Agriculture

Flex-Silo wins award

Schwandorf, 28 April
2016. Schmack Biogas has won the 2016 Biogas Innovation Award for German Agriculture for a pioneering silage clamp concept. The Biogas Innovation Awards for German Agriculture are traditionally awarded each year at the Biogas Innovation Conference, which is held at the German Federal Environment Foundation (DBU), Osnabrück, in two categories: science and commerce. This year, many of the innovations addressed an issue that is being frequently discussed at the moment: how to ensure that seepage and surface water polluted by organic substances does not leak from silos.

Dr Christian Bock of the Agricultural Annuity Bank awarded the 2016 Biogas Innovation Prize in the commerce category to the companies Schmack Biogas and Carl Geringhoff, which shared the award.

Schmack Biogas won the award for the innovative modular concept developed jointly by Markus Wolf and Rüdiger Eckel for bunker silos, which presents a cost-effective solution to the problem currently affecting silage storage: how to prevent water pollutants such as silage effluent from leaking. Eckel and Wolf explained that the silo walls developed by Schmack for this purpose consist of a combination of numerous modules which are staggered in relation to one another, and that the covering of the system modules used is made from recycled HDPE material and is therefore corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant. This system allows for the collection of precipitation and dirty water separately.

After the recent issuing of the patent, this award once again endorses this groundwater-protecting system as an innovative invention.


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Schmack Biogas

Schmack Biogas is one of the leading German suppliers of biogas plants. The company was founded in 1995 and has been part of the Viessmann Group since January 2010. It provides services in the areas of project development and plant construction, as well as servicing and operational management, under the brands Schmack, BIOFerm and Carbotech, making it one of the few complete service providers in the sector. In addition to technical support, the company provides a comprehensive microbiological service.


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